Wish I was here again! Contemplating the next steps in life.

Present vs Future

So, it’s been a while! I’ve not written for a long time, nearly 4 months, I’m not sure why, I just haven’t felt motivated… however, I just read a post by Nicola Slawson that really inspired me! Very much worth reading as very very true and about Single people at Christmas. Do you sometimes feelContinue reading “Present vs Future”

Back to reality?

I’m writing this whilst sat at the hairdressers. My first visit for 6 months (I was due to visit in early March!) and it’s such a weird experience. It is no longer a chilled, relaxing visit – I have never seen so much perspex! No coffee or vino offered (it is only 10am though) andContinue reading “Back to reality?”

A Liverpool fan…#YNWA

I’m waking up, the day after Liverpool FC have won the league for the first time in 30yrs!! Yes, 30yrs! I was 10 last time! It’s amazing, but heartbreaking too! I should have one hell of a hangover, be waking up on a sofa somewhere, and ideally be in Liverpool! I dreamed of the dayContinue reading “A Liverpool fan…#YNWA”

Lockdown learnings

These last few months have taught me a lot of new things, and a new appreciation (or distain!) for the old… A – Amazon literally deliver whatever you want, maybe even before you know you want it? A global pandemic wont stop them. The amount of random crap I have bought is insane – I’veContinue reading “Lockdown learnings”

# new normal

What does ‘New Normal’ mean? I cant even seem to remember the ‘old normal’. People seem to agree that it’s highly unlikely that things will return to exactly how they were before, any time soon – or even at all. But what does that mean? Is that scary or should we embrace it? It’s quiteContinue reading “# new normal”

Bored! What to do now?

I find myself asking that question so many times at the minute – tell me its not just me? We have just had the Easter weekend here in the UK, 4 solid days off work, with glorious sunshine – something that we would normally dream of, but this time, its was different… Its been nearlyContinue reading “Bored! What to do now?”

Tips for coping…

Ok, so this seems like it will be around for a while now and Im looking at ways to cope with it – there is so much out there with tips for coping, mental health and well being, Fitness but you cant do it all…. you need find what works for you but I amContinue reading “Tips for coping…”

One week in isolation…

Its about a week since Boris Johnson’s message for lock down… it had been expected but was still quite a daunting message – I live alone, and although I am OK with my own company, I do fear the unknown – how long will this last, and what impact will it have? We see lotsContinue reading “One week in isolation…”

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