A Liverpool fan…#YNWA

I’m waking up, the day after Liverpool FC have won the league for the first time in 30yrs!! Yes, 30yrs! I was 10 last time!

It’s amazing, but heartbreaking too! I should have one hell of a hangover, be waking up on a sofa somewhere, and ideally be in Liverpool!

I dreamed of the day this would happen, I would be in the pub with my friends – maybe my brother (the obsessive!), maybe my friend Stu (the Everton fan – ha ha!), everyone! We would be having a party, there would be cheering and singing, we would watch as Henderson lifted the trophy, after Mo and Bobby had scored absolute screamers!

It would be like when we won the Champions league in 2005! May 25th, I remember it dearly – we were in the White Lion in Amersham. I threw my scarf in the corner of the pub in disgust when we went 3 nil down…I was adamant it was bad luck! It stayed in that corner in those special 7 minutes as we turned it around, it stayed on the floor whilst Dudek did his magic!

It would be like watching the Champions League final last year, beating Spurs in the final, with my Spurs supporting friends, was brilliant. Even though the game was a bit dull, and the Barcelona game before was so much better, it was still amazing! The hype, the atmosphere, the buzz!

But this time, it was different. We were winning the premier league, without playing, whilst watching a Chelsea game in an empty stadium, sat on my sofa in an empty house…. it was so very odd!

It doesn’t matter! We just won it! A global pandemic can’t stop us! And we will go on to win again next year to make up for it and party!

You’ll never walk alone!

Ps… Jürgen, call me 😜

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New to this, just seeing if any good and anyone interested

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