# new normal

What does ‘New Normal’ mean? I cant even seem to remember the ‘old normal’.

People seem to agree that it’s highly unlikely that things will return to exactly how they were before, any time soon – or even at all. But what does that mean? Is that scary or should we embrace it?

It’s quite concerning that the slight relaxation of restrictions have resulted in an increase in the ‘Covidiots’ who seem to think you dont need to keep social distance anymore. Its also really bloody irritating when you are out and about and other people think its ok to ignore your right to keep a distance. The selfishness seems to be creeping back in – wether it’s the stupidity of gatherings on the beach, or the sheer volume of rubbish that the lazy gits leave behind. A real shame after the country came together so well to fight this originally. Its like people have got bored of it all….

Who would do this?

I will admit, I’m really bored of it, but not enough to put others at risk. Im taking tentative steps, I’ve seen people for walks, Ive sat in friends gardens, I saw my PT for a session in the park (at a distance) – I even met a ‘date’ from Bumble on a park bench! Should I feel bad for that, or should I see it as looking forward to a new future where things will be different, and therefore we need to adapt?

The weather we have been having has been glorious so clearly helps you get out and about but this is england, it wont last. What happens when the clouds and rain are here – will people start breaking more rules and go indoors? I would like to think people are not lemmings, I dont break rukles just ‘because Dominic Cummings did’.

If we need to wait for a vaccine, we need to accept a transition period, a time where we create a new socially distant normal and find a way to live with.

By the way, we are accountable for my own actions – contary to what some of the mass media think.

Anyway, the new normal….

Work Life – The daily commute into London seems likely to be one of the last things to return, if it does at all. Will I miss it, no, not really. But do I miss going to the office? Actually, yes I do. Lots of people are talking about the great work life balance they now have due to being at home, and I am an advocate of this, I wouldnt want to work somewhere if they wanted me in an office every day. However, going to the office gives me those little social interactions that I think are really important – catch ups over the coffee machine, chin wags on the way to the next meeting, conversations across the desk about the latest show we watched the night before. I miss that. I miss meeting friends for beers on the way home from work. Just the day to day routine of being out and about.

Ive started a new job since lockdown. Its hard. Building new relationships across a computer screen is hard work. Zoom is doing my head in. Yes it was great when this all started but it seems like noone picks up the phone anymore. You have to be on video, constantly. I literally sit looking at people on a screen all day. Its like when someone pointing a camera at you, so you pose, and you stay posing for 10hrs a day! I hope this is only a temporary part of the new normal.

Social Life – We have had literally no social life for nearly 3 months now! Ive spent more time with my crazy neighbour, that I really dislike, than my friends. I have got to know other neighbours that are lovely, thats a real bonus and creates a sense of community, but it doesnt take away from the desire to be going ‘out out’…. What I would do to be part of a Micky Flanagan sketch right now!!!

How do you replace the chat over a nice meal, the banter with friends over a pint in the pubs? The simple things we took for granted seem so far away. I am not even thinking of big events like concerts and party’s, the holidays or the nights away. These things need to return – they cannot be replaced by something virtual. My new normal needs to be real life!

However much we have missed it, will we run out to the pub as soon as it opens? I think people will be nervous, scared of other people – crowds may freak you out. Can you imagine how different it be if we have to stay socially distant? At least it wont be ten deep at the bar but what’s the point in going for a meal with friends, if you all have to sit 2 mtrs apart – forgetting the fact that the venue will be atmosphere free anyway as noone else will be allowed in.

Maybe you just need to plan ahead. Book a quick drink after work, months in advance to ensure you are one of the 4 people allowed in the venue, or arrange a night out like a holiday – take two weeks off work afterwards to cover your self isolation.

One huge plus is the fact I have just booked a Hairdressers appointment! Not until July and therefore 6 months since my last, but its locked in!!

Love Life – I dont know where to start here. As mentioned, I went on a socially distant date, but you simple cannot get to know people from a distance – remember the saying which referred to a barge pole!?!?!? There is a reason for that.

Does this mean love lives are on hold until a vaccine? or, do we start to put more preparation and research into our first dates – knowing we will have to spend 14 days in quarantine after. We will need to make it worth while. I think we should just provide all single people with hazmat suits. For the sake of humanity, obviously. At least it will take away the stress of what to wear.

Whats happens if you want to nick some of his chips?

Sex Life – I write this just as the government decided to pass a law to ban sex…. Ok, its not that simple, but ultimately if you do not live with someone you will be committing a criminal offence if you have sex? WTAF?

Please please please, lets get a vaccine soon!

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