Bored! What to do now?

I find myself asking that question so many times at the minute – tell me its not just me?

We have just had the Easter weekend here in the UK, 4 solid days off work, with glorious sunshine – something that we would normally dream of, but this time, its was different…

Its been nearly 4 weeks since the formal lock down was put in place and I last saw a friend or member of my family. With Boris still recovering from Coronavirus himself, Dominic Raab has just announced at least another 3 weeks of lockdown.

I think I’m coping OK, but cannot think beyond the next few days – any longer is simply too scary and I notice myself spiralling. I know how lucky I am compared to others, but thinking about what I am missing out on, or what could happen with the future, raises my anxieties – what will life be like after this? Will it ever return to ‘normal’? Will I be on my own forever?? This has been made even more prominent by the joy of being made an Auntie for the first time, whilst knowing I could be months away from meeting the little lady! 😦

I think there is a distinction between being alone and feeling lonely. Adjusting your mindset, acknowledging that this is out of your control and only temporary can really help. You have a choice – scream and shout, stress and panic, or try to make the most of it. Not easy, but worth trying.

I still go out for my runs/walks, and visits to M+S (go in the evening, no queue!) but I spend 23 hrs in this house. I found myself willing the long weekend away and getting back to work – I really must have gone mad!

Therefore, Its important to look at positives…. what can I do with my time, what jobs can I get done and what can I do to prepare for when we are released?!? I know when I’m back working in the office and I look back at when I had so much time on my hands, I will wish I ticked things off the ‘to do’ list! In fact my list seems to be getting longer not shorter!

So, things to pass the time….

Deep clean the house? I’ve been researching online and it seems cleaning is the number one activity to pass the time. I’m not convinced myself but hey, it has to be done at some point. Cranking up the playlist and getting it done does seem like a good idea, but maybe I’m just not that bored yet!

I’ve tried baking, I’m OK but I am just going to get fat! I can kill time by making cakes, but then I end up having to eat them all. Im now bored of Banana bread, but the cookies are still going down well!

I was told ‘Colouring‘ is good for calming stress and anxiety so I bought one of those colouring books for adults. The only problem is that I don’t have any pencils to use!!

Front page of Colouring book!

And then there is the game of Scrabble – It was recommended to me and I’m now using the app ‘Wordfeud’ which means my friends and I can play against each other… again, mainly with swear words, there is a theme here.

Clearing out the wardrobe is another one. I have found so many clothes I’ve not worn for years, but the biggest shock was bras! I basically only wear 10% of the ones I own! Can you donate bras to charity shops???

I tried to find instructions on the best way to do it – there are so many experts out there who seem to make a job of telling you how to throw things away! Ultimately my rules are – Have I worn in the last 6 months? Does it fit? and do I look like an idiot? Also, do I even like it? I’ve found many pretty terrible outfits – what was I thinking!?!?!

You can use to find places near to you that can take donations (being socially distant obviously).

The obvious activity is simply reading a book – I have just bought a pack of four Dawn O’Porter books to start. I’ve followed her for a while but never read one of her books, so I’m going to start now and see if any good. The last book I read was ‘The One’ by John Marrs ( and I would highly recommend.

Reality is, I keep myself busy with work and calls with friends, and I am quite happy to sit in front of the TV – for the short term…..

If you have an ideas for when these run out, please do let me know!!

Im realising too, that these new hobbies seem very dull!!! I can’t wait to start doing exciting things again, I need to write a list of new stuff to try when I get out of this solitary confinement!! And old stuff to repeat… I want to be abseiling table mountain again!!

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